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There are some factors that go into pricing an animated explainer video. That includes length, video style or how complex the animation is, and how fast you need your video done.

We’re sure you’ve done a little research. And you found out that animated explainer video prices are all over the place. Ranging anywhere from $350 to $10,000 per minute.

Well, we are not that big studio or agency that charges upward of $5000 or $7000 for a minute of animation. We are not the cheapest priced either.

But we can assure you, that for our price that starts at $2000 to $3500 for the first minute of animation, our animated explainer videos are among the best you would find in the market for its price range.

On top of that, there are plenty of good reasons to choose to work with us.

  • You get to work with people with a real passion to learn about your business or product.

    We love discovering new and inspired ideas.  And we love to learn about what makes a business or product work.  We enjoy “Aha moments” and we believe that if things are explained in simple and inspiring ways, people reach that moment faster.

  • You can experience a worry-free and streamlined production service

    The service we will provide you is end-to-end.  Right from knowing your business and creative development straight through to final delivery. It’s a process that we nailed down through our years of experience.

  • You get dedicated project management

    We stay on top of your project and use an online project management platform. So you can keep track of the status and get involved as much (or as little) as you like.

  • You get a superb video

    Take a look at our portfolio and you’ll see the great work we’ve already done for our clients.  From animated explainer videos, demo videos, corporate videos. We really believe that animated videos are the most powerful tool you can use for your business marketing now. But your animated videos must be of high-quality. And that, we deliver.

  • You can trust us as a video partner

    We have done over 500 videos for our clients. We’ve worked with corporations, businesses and startups in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the Philippines. We definitely have a lot of repeat and referral business. And that says a lot about how we work and create relationships with our clients.

But why are you more affordable than others, you might ask?

  • The reason why we’re more affordable is because of our low overheads. We don’t run a studio or office. We work from home and from co-working spaces. And that really brings down the cost of your video. A lot.
  • We are based in the Philippines and hire mostly local talent. We do the creative development, scripting, and storyboard from our base. For the illustrations and animation, it’s a mix of in-house work and working with local creatives, from all over the Philippines, who share the same passion as we have for animated storytelling.

    That’s 2 basic reasons why we can offer you a great price.

SophieCreatives is a professional and reliable company. It listens to its customer’s needs and vision in order to visualize the customer’s idea. I am very pleased with the quality of the animation and the cooperation in the work process. Also, their quotation of costs was trustworthy.

KIRSI CROWLEY, Far Out Works Ltd
Amazing service from start to finish, with great coaching and updates along the way. A fine product in the end – Highly Recommended!!!!
A number of our clients have congratulated us on our explainer video which appears at the top of our homepage and I’m sure this made a big difference when they took the decision to work with us. It not only communicates what we do but the tone of the video is great at showing what we are like as people, which is important to a lot of our clients in choosing a company they feel comfortable working with.
ANDREW HARRIS, Harris Kalinka
SophieCreatives is very professional, they really care for the customer, have the necessary flexibility to find the solution that best fits the customer requirement, they are reliable and last but not least have an excellent price to quality ratio. I definitely recommend them.


Working with us, you’ll get a high-quality video that aligns with our philosophy.

Sticky stories, engaging content and educational value.

That’s our SEE philosophy!  Because when people see your idea, they get it.

And now you just can’t wait to start.

Send us a message below.  We can’t wait to work on your video strategy.

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