How Long Should Your Explainer Video Be?

If you do a google search about video lengths, you are bound to find a great deal of articles and studies about the optimum length for online videos. With so many online distractions right now and the short attention [...]

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How Long Does it Take to Produce an Explainer Video?

A great explainer video isn't produced overnight Typically, it takes 4-8 weeks to produce one and there are three things that affect this. Video length Design complexity Feedback A longer video takes more time to produce, and on average, [...]

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How Much Should You Invest for an Explainer Video?

Just like most services, one of the most common questions we get asked is the cost of producing explainer videos. I hope there was a simple way to answer it, but the truth is, it really depends on what [...]

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How to Choose the Animated Explainer Video Company That’s Right For You

Animated explainer videos are effective tools for attracting potential customers and informing them about the value that your products or services can provide. Granted, creating an informative, compelling, and professional-quality explainer video is not something that’s easily done, especially if [...]

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Video Content Marketing: 5 Important Things To Focus On In Your Strategy

by Micah Pinto & Judy Aquino With over two billion people using smartphones in 2017, we can say that the digital world is integrated into our lifestyle.  We consume more digital content than we did in the past 10 years.  [...]

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3 Ways Your Saas Company Can Leverage the Power of Videos

If you're a cloud-based software or SaaS company, you've probably struggled about explaining your product. It's complex and abstract. Without the proper visuals, it can be really difficult to imagine, absorb and understand. Most software products have complex functionalities [...]

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5 Tips In Writing Your Video Script

By Micah Pinto Chief Evangelist It takes some skill to produce an effective video.  Here are some tips that you might want to consider in writing your next video script: TIP #1:  THE CLASSIC FORMULA [...]

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How To Create Your DIY Explainer Video

By Micah Pinto Chief Evangelist As a lean and nimble startup, you understand how valuable video can be at any stage of your startup - whether you need to present to potential investors or you’re ready to market your product [...]

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16 Video Marketing Benchmarks You Need to Know [Infographic by Vidyard]

An Infographic By Vidyard You already know that video is the #1 preferred content type of the average consumer. But how are your videos performing? And how are you doing in comparison to your peers? Vidyard did the hard work [...]

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Video Marketing For Your Small Business: Why Videos are Effective Marketing Tools

By Micah Pinto Chief Evangelist Markets have always been real-life arenas where you constantly battle to be heard and to be recognized.  There’s always a challenge of connecting with your customers and clients. At present, establishing connections and maintaining relationships [...]

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