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Build engagement, thought leadership, knowledge retention, awareness, and culture through videos


Feeling like your corporate communications are getting lost in a sea of emails and social media distractions? Between internal announcements and external messaging, it can be tough to grab attention and make a lasting impression.

What if you could transform important corporate messaging, industry insights, internal communications, and even your training content into dynamic, bite-sized videos that resonate with your team or external stakeholders?

Motion graphics or animated videos can be the secret weapon for conquering your communication challenges.




Internal videos with eye-catching visuals and storytelling cut through the noise and ensure your message lands. No more crickets in your company-wide announcements!


Support training, upskilling, and sharing of best practices with learning videos. Motion graphics replace dry lectures with dynamic training content, and caters to diverse learning styles to keep employees engaged and motivated to reach their full potential.


Strong company culture thrives on clear communication. Foster a sense of connection and keep everyone in-the-know and engaged.

thought leaders

Share valuable industry trends, insights, and expertise with engaging interview videos featuring your executives and subject-matter experts. Motion graphics add visual interest and ensures your thought leaders get heard.


Use videos to showcase your company’s values and initiatives in a transparent and friendly way, and build trust with your external stakeholders.

Tailored message

Communication isn’t stuck in the past.  Video is perfect for your tech-savvy investor or customer. They are accessible and convenient, keeping them current, no matter where they are.

Content reflecting the brand’s values will be key to retaining your customers.

Hubspot, Top Marketing Trends 2024 Report 

Data shows that video engagement rate stays high at 38% for videos up to 30 minutes.

Wistia, 2023

Animated video and screen-recorded video together make up 46% of commonly created videos.

Wyzowl, Video Marketing Statistics 2024

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Solid Experience, Structured process

“Not only do they have a solid experience in video production but they also know what startups need. SophieCreatives has a very structured production process so that we could meet our tight deadline while ensuring the quality of our video.”

Andrew Chan, AfterShip

Never needed to explain things twice

“The service provided by Charlie and the team was excellent, responsiveness was great, and we never needed to explain things twice. They understand cloud software at SophieCreatives, so if you are a software company like OneDesk, it really makes things go smoothly.”

Derek Gold, OneDesk

Understands concept creation & vision

“Charlie of SophieCreatives is an artist who understands concept creation, and understands and grasps very well the psychology and psyche behind one’s vision, and what needs to be portrayed in order to get the message across to the potential client or end-user.”

Augustine Piza, Golf Course Architect

Very happy with outcome

“The experience, skills and tools at their disposal resulted in a higher quality video than we could ever do and it was well received by the client. I am very happy with the outcome!”

Kody Jardim, Accenture Singapore