How Long Does it Take to Produce an Explainer Video?

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A great explainer video isn’t produced overnight

Typically, it takes 4-8 weeks to produce one and there are three things that affect this.

  1. Video length
  2. Design complexity
  3. Feedback

A longer video takes more time to produce, and on average, a 60-second animation can take about 1-week to create.

Design complexity refers to the creative detail of the video (3D animation, character animation, complex backgrounds, etc.). The more complex the designs and animations are the longer it takes to produce. A complex design can add about 1 week additional work for a 60 second video.

Feedback refers to the review cycle at the end of each stage of production.

At SophieCreatives we go through 9-stages to produce an explainer video.

  1. Brand and customer strategy
  2. Concept development
  3. Scriptwriting
  4. Storyboarding
  5. Voice recording
  6. Illustration design
  7. Animation
  8. Sound design
  9. Rendering

Between each stage includes a feedback cycle where you, as a client, get a change to review and comment on the output of the previous stage before proceeding to the next one. This ensures your maximum involvement in the process and avoids unnecessary work at the end that may entail added costs.

The longer it takes to complete each feedback cycle the longer it takes to move to the next stage of production.

A typical production timeline for us will be the following:

Week 1 – Brand and Customer Strategy
Week 2 – Concept development and Scriptwriting
Week 3 – Scriptwriting and Storyboarding
Week 4 – Storyboarding, Voice recording and Illustration design
Week 5 – Illustration design
Week 6 – Animation
Week 7 – Animation and Sound design
Week 8 – Rendering of final video

Of course there is flexibility in this timeline but the important thing to note is that if you want a good explainer video, allot 4-8 weeks for the production.

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