How Long Does it Take to Produce an Explainer Video?

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There are four things that affect the production leadtime of an explainer video.

1. Conceptual development
2. Video length
3. Design complexity
4. Feedback cycle

If delivering business results are an important aspect of your video then the conceptual development is a crucial first step. Conceptual development includes a strategy session where we try to understand the hero of your story (your target customer), and your brand as the guide.

This will allow us to identify and craft stories that will resonate with your customers. This step can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks.

Video length is a straight forward factor to production leadtime. It generally takes 1-week to animate a 60-second video.

Design complexity refers to the creative detail needed by the video (3D animation, character animation, complex backgrounds, etc.). The more complex the design and animation the more time it is needed to produce. A complex animation can add about 1 week additional work for a 60 second video.

The feedback cycle refers to the review steps embedded in each stage of the production. There are 7-stages in the production.

1. Script development
2. Storyboarding
3. Voice recording
4. Style frames and illustration design
5. Animation
6. Sound design
7. Rendering of final video

Between each stage includes a feedback cycle where you, as a client, get a change to review and comment on the output of the previous stage before proceeding to the next stage. This is to ensure your maximum involvement and avoid unnecessary work on our end that may entail added cost.

The longer it takes for us to complete each feedback cycle the longer it takes for us to proceed to the next stage of production.

But based on past videos we have done, the average leadtime to produce a 60-second animated explainer video is 4-6 weeks, so factoring that in to your launch or marketing goals should be more than enough.

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