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Project Description

Bosch Communication Center

Bosch Service Solutions asked us to create an animated corporate video to help describe what Bosch Communication Center is.

Most people know Bosch as a provider of supply parts and equipment like power tools, and car supplies. Bosch Communication Center is different. It provides outsource solutions for things like Fleet Management, Social Media, Helpdesk, Cloud Based Security, and more.

Our 3-min animated corporate video was well received both locally and in their head office that it became a standard presentation during company introductions to clients, veering away for the typical 10-min video presentations. It was so effective that they asked us to create another video during their launch.

In this case there was no direct measurement of the impact of the video to sales. But it significantly reduced the time that is usually needed in presenting the company and it delivered a consistent message every time.

Client Bosch Service Solutions
Country Philippines
Industry Business Process Outsourcing
Style Motion Graphic


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