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NIUM Fintech50 Animated Video Content for Event Marketing Money 2020


Nium is a global payments and card issuance solution for business. They are part of Forbes 2024 Fintech 50.

Nium was setting up at the Money 20/20 Event and needed a short, catchy animated video to attract attendees, explain quickly what they do, and drive brand awareness.

Learn how a no-voiceover, modular design enabled us to deliver a timely, clear and punchy introduction video for Nium’s event.


Schroders is a British multi-national asset management company with operations around the world.

Every month, the Schroders Asia-Pacific team publishes an infographic called “The Global Economy in Pictures”.

Learn how our modular production system enabled us to deliver animated infographic videos in 5 languages, for various Asian markets, despite tight regulatory timeframes.

NIUM Fintech50 Animated Video Content for Event Marketing Money 2020

What People Are Saying

“The experience, skills and tools at their disposal resulted in a higher quality video than we could ever do and it was well received by the client. I am very happy with the outcome!”

Kody Jardim, Accenture Singapore

“The service provided by Charlie and the team was excellent, responsiveness was great, and we never needed to explain things twice. They understand cloud software at SophieCreatives, so if you are a software company like OneDesk, it really makes things go smoothly.”

Derek Gold, OneDesk

“Not only do they have a solid experience in video production but they also know what startups need. SophieCreatives has a very structured production process so that we could meet our tight deadline while ensuring the quality of our video.”

Andrew Chan, AfterShip