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If you want an explainer video that drives results to your SaaS business, read this.

When I bought an internet repeater a few years ago it came with two documents inside—a user’s manual, and a one-page quick start guide.

I love quick start guides because they are designed to save you time and get things running quickly. It only has the essential information you need and you can rarely go wrong following it.

This document is just like a quick start guide to help you get things right when making an explainer video for your SaaS business.

Whether you are hiring someone to make your explainer video or doing it yourself, these 10 tips will make sure that your explainer video will be effective in delivering the rest results you want.

A guide for SaaS businesses in creating videos that convert.

Here you will learn…

  • The most important component of an explainer video.
  • Why you may not be the best person to tell your story.
  • Why video style isn’t as important as you may think.
  • Why short and simple is the way to go.
  • How to effectively communicate emotion.
  • How to properly end your video.
  • What to do next after making your video to drive results.

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Download this FREE guide now before you start making an explainer video for SaaS business.

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