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Chief Evangelist[/title][fusion_text]Thousands of stories demand our attention every day. We are exposed to different products, brands, projects everywhere we go. So, how do we get ourselves noticed from a sea of advertisements and campaigns? Simple answer: find the BIG IDEA.

Lighting ‘It’ Up

The Big Idea is the creative concept that serves as the guide for your communications campaign. While marketers and advertisers have different ways to spark creativity— either they wait for a concept to spontaneously come or they do some research, here are some questions you can ask while waiting for the Big Idea to light up:

1. What’s happening now?

Take a step back to check how your people see your product. You can also do some research on how your target market goes about his day to day activities, what do they really want, what interests them and what does not. Ask as much questions as you can to understand the life story of the people you want to tap. Doing this will lead you to an insight that can help in drawing a connection between your product and your market.

2. How can I help?

Once you’ve already come up with an insight, you can now build a deeper connection by asking: how can my product help make things better. Or, how can my product react to that insight I’ve discovered? Your insight could be a problem, a difficult situation, or a level that’s ‘just right.’ Your insight could be anything. Now, the important thing is how you link this insight to your product — it’s all about building that brand connection.

3. What’s my nano-story?

Now that you’ve drawn that connection, you need to tell the story and relay the message through the most efficient & effective way possible. Short, simple and sweet is an ideal format. Think about something that’s easy to explain, to identify, to understand. The more relatable the concept gets; the more sales you can make.

Keeping It Burning

The creative concept, the Big Idea is one of the main ingredients in creating a marketing campaign. While it’s a big chunk of your work, it doesn’t get the job done. It helps to have a collaborative team that can also take part in developing your idea. Coming up with effective ways to deliver the message across different platforms is also something that you should pay attention to. Starting out with the Big Idea, you now have a compass that will help you navigate your way towards building a successful campaign.

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