SaaS Explainer Video Scriptwriting Simplified!

The most important part of an explainer video is the script. It’s the backbone behind which every other component of the video is designed.

But writing clear and engaging scripts isn’t easy. And it’s especially true for highly technical industries like B2B SaaS, Fintech, Oil and Gas, etc.

This guide is meant to simplify that process.

Discover the 5 simple frameworks I personally use to write clear and engaging explainer video scripts. (even if the topic is too technical).

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I would highly recommend Charlie from SophieCreatives to tech startups who wants to make a fun yet professional video for the product introduction. Not only Charlie has a solid experience in video production but he is also an entrepreneur who knows what a startup needs. Charlie also has a very structured production process so that we could meet our tight deadline while ensuring the quality of our video. We also appreciate that Charlie takes our comments seriously and responds to our questions quickly.

Andrew Chan, AfterShip

A number of our clients have congratulated us on our explainer video which appears at the top of our homepage and I’m sure this made a big difference when they took the decision to work with us. It not only communicates what we do but the tone of the video is great at showing what we are like as people, which is important to a lot of our clients in choosing a company they feel comfortable working with.

Andrew Harris, Harris Kalinka

SophieCreatives and Charlie were an absolute pleasure to work with. They provided A LOT of value to the creative process and was collaborative in the development of the script, right through to the final animation. We had a vision… they made it better. We had high expectations… They exceeded them. You are an absolute fool if you don’t hire Charlie and the team at SophieCreatives for your corporate or explainer video!

Corey Wert, FreeFlow Marketing

SophieCreatives was amazing. I would say that I wasn’t able to just give them an idea and receive a perfectly executed final product, it took quite a bit of feedback back and forth, but they were awesome to deal with. They were very patient, always took the time to make adjustments based on my requests and was good enough to push back on some items that he knew were heading in the wrong direction. I’d use them again for sure.

Kris Chisholm, MySupply Stream