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Charlie Aquino - Chief Video Strategist, Explainer Video Company

Charlie Aquino
CEO and Chief Video Strategist

When my 5-year old son asked for a Bumblebee Transformers toy for his birthday, guess what went at the top of my list of gift options for him?

Clarity simplifies decision making.

At SophieCreatives, we help fintech and financial services companies decomplexify their products and ideas so customers can make informed buying decisions.

We know it’s not easy to explain many ideas and insights in the fintech and finserv industry. The abstract and complex nature of your products and ideas are challenging to explain and for customers to understand.

That’s where we help…

We make animated explainer videos and video content that cuts through complexity, builds trust, and converts.

We are a remote-team of creatives based in the Philippines and we’ve helped 200+ companies of all sizes decomplexify their products and ideas.

Check out what some of our clients have to say about their experience working with us.



“The service provided by Charlie and the team was excellent, responsiveness was great, and we never needed to explain things twice. They understand cloud software at SophieCreatives, so if you are a software company like OneDesk, it really makes things go smoothly.  The explainer video is working well. I wouldn’t be surprised if every single one of our new customers have watched it. In particular I would recommend SophieCreatives to B2B SaaS companies large and small. They are easy to work with, turnkey, and understand software.

Derek Gold, OneDesk

“A number of our clients have congratulated us on our explainer video which appears at the top of our homepage and I’m sure this made a big difference when they took the decision to work with us. It not only communicates what we do but the tone of the video is great at showing what we are like as people, which is important to a lot of our clients in choosing a company they feel comfortable working with.”

Andrew HarrisHarris Kalinka

“SophieCreatives is a professional and reliable company. It listens to its customer’s needs and vision in order to visualize the customer’s idea. I am very pleased with the quality of the animation and the cooperation in the work process. Also, their quotation of costs was trustworthy.”

Kristi Crowley, Far Out Works

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