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reliable video content.

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Struggling with your Video Content Strategy & Production? We Bridge the Gap.

Have you been feeling the content creation squeeze?

Like 91% of businesses who use video as a marketing tool, you try to keep your clients engaged or create new customers with content.

To do just that, you need to churn out scroll-stopping content.

Frequent, consistent content. Like these…

91% of businesses use video as a marketing tool.

Wyzowl, Video Marketing Statistics 2024

Video Content

Short form video content Fintech Square Cover NIUM
Short Form Video Content for Asset Management Square Schroders
Short Form Video Content for Health GNC Square
Short Form Video Content for Retail Fujitsu Square

Video Content

You already know that video, especially short-form content, dominates engagement and ROI in 2024.*

You know your younger audience flocks to social media and skips the usual search engines to find information.*

You want to be where they’re at, in the format they prefer short-form videos.

But, you are overwhelmed trying to develop or execute your video content strategy, brainstorm 3 or more months of video ideas, and keep up with video creation while leaving room for equally important business activities.

Even with AI tools, your team is struggling to dedicate time and manpower to the demands of content creation, especially videos.

Either way, you need a steady flow of product videos, educational video content, social media reels, and other video assets, but content production is draining your valuable time and resources.

Or you are among the 9% who haven’t jumped into any video content production at all.

If this is you, then you need a Video Content Company.


Short-form video has the highest ROI compared to other marketing trends.

Hubspot, Social Media Marketing Report 

Younger users prefer instagram and TikTok over Google Search or Maps for discovery.


For short-form videos, 30-60 seconds is the most effective length, followed by 1-2 minutes.

Wyzowl, Video Marketing Statistics 2024

How do I know if I need a Video Content Company?


    • You want to focus on your business, not content creation.
    • You need consistent video content that builds trust around your brand.
    • You need a turnkey expert to offload the video content work from your team.
    • You have no in-house expertise for video content production.



You get a boost in video planning with ideation assistance, video-specific insights, and written-for-video hooks and structured copy.

You get a steady flow of high-quality video content  – on-brand from thumbnail to Call-To-Action.

You get a scalable solution that meets your current capacity and budget. Start small with just 4 social media videos per month and scale up when ready.

Need to elevate a webinar or video podcast? We’ll polish your recordings with editing and motion graphics for YouTube and social media.

You free up your team from posting work. Aside from production, we’ll handle uploading, descriptions with optimized keywords and links, and publishing.

Fuel your social channels between new content releases. We’ll help repurpose new and existing content for consistent presence across your preferred platforms.

By partnering with us, you get a consistent, streamlined content creation arm.

Let’s create engagement-worthy content for your product.

9 + 1 =

Some FAQs


-We’ll do a social media and content audit to identify your strengths and gaps as a brand

– We get to know your audience, what they look for, what they frequently ask in social media

– We’ll create an informed, strategic video content plan to grow your brand

-We’ll handle the entire process – from ideas, creative concept, production, even the posting.

– We’ll monitor your video content performance, and this will inform future videos we’ll create.


Why work with us?


We do our research. We get to know your brand – visual identity, voice, values, strengths, what questions your audience asks and all – to ensure your video content resonates and performs.

We have a systems-based approach to video content creation and 12-years of animated video expertise for business. That’s efficiency and expertise at your disposal.

We keep learning and innovating so your videos stay fresh and current. Ready to explore the next big things in video marketing, like interactive videos and video in email?

Why work with us?

What People Are Saying

They understand cloud software

“The service provided by Charlie and the team was excellent, responsiveness was great, and we never needed to explain things twice. They understand cloud software at SophieCreatives, so if you are a software company like OneDesk, it really makes things go smoothly.”

Derek Gold, OneDesk

Solid Experience, Structured process

“Not only do they have a solid experience in video production but they also know what startups need. SophieCreatives has a very structured production process so that we could meet our tight deadline while ensuring the quality of our video.”

Andrew Chan, AfterShip

Understands concept creation & vision

“Charlie of SophieCreatives is an artist who understands concept creation, and understands and grasps very well the psychology and psyche behind one’s vision, and what needs to be portrayed in order to get the message across to the potential client or end-user.”

Augustine Piza, Golf Course Architect

Very happy with outcome

“The experience, skills and tools at their disposal resulted in a higher quality video than we could ever do and it was well received by the client. I am very happy with the outcome!”

Kody Jardim, Accenture Singapore