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Just because you have an explainer video doesn’t mean people will get your idea.

In the same way that there are good movies and bad movies, there are also good explainer videos and bad explainer videos.

Bad explainer videos often fail at the very core of what explainer videos are designed to do, and that is explain an idea in a way that people will get it. It often boils down to poorly written stories, bad audio quality, boring images and animation, long videos, or just an overall unengaging video.

But when done right, explainer videos can bring amazing results to your business.

Here are some case studies that prove the effectivity of explainer videos.


[youtube id=”QADSH8XYx_A” width=”576px” height=”324px” autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]


When Dropbox was just starting, their website was very simple. It contained only a single video and a download button. Because there is nothing else to read or do on their website, visitors are compelled to watch the video which is just 120s long.

This simple strategy resulted in more than 10% increase in their conversion rate. It may probably not seem much but if you think about it, for every 1 million customers Dropbox had initially, about 100,000 of those signed-up because of the video. And the rest probably signed up because of their amazing referral system.



According to its co-founder Neil Patel, the addition of an explainer video in their landing page paid for itself in the first month generating an extra $21,000 a month in new income. It also increased their conversion rates by 64%.

So explainer videos don’t only increase conversion rates, it actually helps generate more income.



[youtube id=”V4oNt7Nq010″ width=”576px” height=”324px” autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]

Healthwave is a platform that allows health professionals to dispense professional grade natural health products to patients. Founded in 2012, they started off by building a strong foundation to attract website visitors. But they wanted to convert these visitors into sign-ups.

By adding an explainer video to their website, they almost immediately grew their daily sign-ups by 133%, that’s essentially more than doubling their conversion rates. This created the exponential growth they needed to raise their next round of funding.




Startups are not the only businesses that benefit from explainer videos. In 2013, Bosch Communication Center Manila asked us to create an explainer video to help describe what Bosch Communication Center is.

Most people know Bosch as a provider of supply parts and equipment like power tools, and car supplies. Bosch Communication Center is different. It provides outsource solutions for things like Fleet Management, Social Media, Helpdesk, Cloud Based Security, and more.

Our 3-min explainer video was well received both locally and in their head office that it became a standard presentation during company introductions to clients, veering away for the typical 10-min video presentations. It was so effective that they asked us to create another video during their launch.

In this case there was no direct measurement of the impact of the video to sales. But it significantly reduced the time that is usually needed in presenting the company and it delivers a consistent message every time.

Improved conversion rates, more sales, helping meet funding targets, effective use of time in presenting your idea, consistent message, these are a few of the benefits of using explainer videos to share your idea.

But as I mentioned at the beginning, you need a well-crafted explainer video to get these results. Having an explainer video just for the sake of having one doesn’t work. You need to make sure that your explainer video is well designed to do its purpose: make people get your idea.

http://demoduck.com /portfolio/crazy-egg-explainer-video-case-study

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Need help in making customers get the idea of your business through an explainer video? Drop us a message below and we’d be glad to help you out.