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Chief Evangelist[/title][fusion_text]

“Time is of the essence.”

“Time is gold.”

No matter how you put it, efficiency has always been vital in planning, strategizing and executing. While time is important for managers, marketers, business executives & owners, clients and customers also share this value.

So, how do we get profit or sales even from the most basic unit of time? If we only have one minute, how do we convince someone to accept what we offer or buy what we sell?  What goes into a one minute pitch?

Perhaps, asking questions is a good starting point. Here are some helpful things to ask:

1. Who are we?

Knowing your company, and understanding your strengths, competencies & potential, allow you introduce yourself more confidently to others. How can your prospective clients understand you clearly when you don’t have a solid identity?

2. What do we do?

What do we produce? What do we sell? What do we offer?

Be clear with what you want to give your clients. Believe in your product. It’s easier to share and promote something that you believe in and even, passionate about.

3. How do we do it?

Find your core strength. Understand how you produce and process things. Focus on the things that you are good at and develop them. Mastering a set of skills separates you from your competitors. Be confident in sharing this distinct characteristic with your customers.

4. What’s in it for you (the customer)?

When we get involved in any activity or transaction, the most important question is often: what do I get out of this?

Always think about your client. Be in their shoes and know what will give them the best feeling of fulfillment.

5. Where do I sign? How and when?

Never forget to mention how they can buy your product or avail of your service. Be prepared to handle objections. And always be closing!

First, ask these questions as if you’re the client trying to learn about the company. Take time to answer everything— even to the most basic and simplest query you can possibly think of. It helps to have 2-3 sentences to answer each question. Be as concise and straightforward as you can. And be as prepared (with answers) as you can be.

Now, you’re ready to pitch and win a deal at any given minute!


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