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Short 1-2min videos that explain an idea, a business, or a product.

Most of them use animation but some use real live actors and footages.

These are called explainer videos, and they have become an essential part of the marketing strategy of most businesses since 2007 when Common Craft popularized it through a video explaining Twitter.

Explainer Videos are an effective marketing tool because it addresses a very important need of business to get customers. The need to make people “get their idea”.

It doesn’t matter if your idea is a concept, a service, a new app, or a product, when people are able to understand or “get it”, their likelihood of buying or even just sharing it to their friends increases.

Before the advent of Explainer Videos businesses employ a few strategies to make customers get their idea.


Using written text is the simplest way to explain an idea. You can find them on websites, flyers, magazines. It still works, if you can keep it short. But how much can you achieve with just a few written words? If you make it long though, how many people today would bother reading it?



If you want a more personal approach, you can meet potential customers, perhaps over a meal or a cup of coffee. But this strategy consumes a lot of time with no guarantees they will even buy. And even if your customers do get it, can they explain it in the same way to others?



Another strategy is to organize an event about your product or sponsor another event to give you a few minutes of air-time with their audience. But how many events can you do? And how can people in your event share the idea to others?

When explainer videos arrived, it addressed four basic needs of businesses.

1. Reach a wider audience
2. Explain their idea consistently in a short amount of time
3. Make their idea easy to share
4. Make people “get their idea” (and hopefully buy)

This is why explainer videos are so popular today.

So as a shareable tidbit…

[tweetthis]An explainer video is essentially your idea, packaged in a short and engaging 1-2 minute video that helps customers get your idea, share your idea and hopefully buy your idea. #explainervideos[/tweetthis]
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Need help in making customers get the idea of your business through an explainer video? Drop us a message below and we’d be glad to help you out.